The Icelandic League against Rheumatism - Gigtarfélag Íslands

The Icelandic League against Rheumatism was founded in 1976 and has approximately 5.200 members (1.8 % of the population in Iceland) in four regional branches.. Within the League, there are several groups based upon special diagnoses and age, where patients give support and information.

The League is an organisation for people with different kinds of rheumatic diseases. The main goal is to improve quality of life, fight for more effective treatment and support with funding scientific research in rheumatology.

The Icelandic League against Rheumatism runs a center in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland for rehabilitation, information and guidance. Where service of physical- and occupational therapists is offered, courses are held and an advisory-service via telephone is given by health professionals.

The League gives priority to preventive work such as self-help courses, information meetings for patients and physical group training.

The league publishes information broschures , and has a magazine published twice a year called Gigtin.


Gigtarfélag Íslands
Ármúli 5
IS-108 Reykjavík, Iceland

Phone +354 530 3600
Fax +354 553 0765

E-mail: gigt@gigt.is